About Sellerwiz

Like many, I started off with a 9-5 job. Sleep deprived, waking up early, commuting to work daily, sitting through endless meetings and looking forward to the weekends as a chance to finally relax and get to spend some time with my family. 

Looking back, I can only see how excruciatingly exhausting those years were! Though I would not consider myself to have had the worst experience with 9-5. I had quite a great profile to say the least; 20+ years working in different industries across 3 different countries, I rose through the ranks and held top executive positions, leading corporations as CFO, COO and President. 

But on the inside I wasn’t fulfilled. One question I couldn’t stop asking myself, “Is this really the life you want?” And each time the answer was a more convincing NO. I wanted to watch my kids grow, most importantly to be a part of their lives. I didn’t want to be on anyone’s schedule anymore, I wanted to be my own boss. 

And yes, I was exceptionally great at business. Growing businesses from scratch to over $40mm+/year, scaling Ecommerce businesses to $15mm+/year. So I thought to myself, If I could achieve these in the corporate world, I could replicate the same for myself. I decided to go ahead and set up my own business on Ebay and Amazon. I invested time in learning and grew both businesses to 6figure yearly revenue. 

Frankly, it has been a journey of growth, all shades of experiences, intentional learnings and mastery of the best practices in the industry. However, this journey did not only stop at becoming an expert in the E-commerce business. It ignited a passion within. A drive to help others live the life they deserve – a more fulfilling and rewarding life. I wanted to see sellers become more profitable as I was in business. To help them navigate the hurdles and tussles of the different models of the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) business. 

This is how SELLERWIZ got started. Now, my team and I are committed to expanding our efforts by providing a solution that takes product research a notch higher. 

Having identified the gaps in the existing Amazon product research toolset, we put our expertise (both business and programming) to work and we designed an all-in-one, advanced FBA deal analyzer/ FBA calculator for Amazon. 

We have also designed an advanced tool that captures the entire Amazon Business workflow from searching to sourcing, sales and profitability. Sellerwiz tool is a “must-have companion” for Amazon FBA sellers who want to be successful. When we refer to our creation as an Amazon FBA seller companion, what we mean is that we have built this tool around all that Amazon sellers need to succeed. 

Irrespective of the Amazon business model in which a seller operates – Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage, Wholesale, Private Label or Dropshipping – our model-centric tool provides users with key analysis that enables them to make profoundly informed business decisions. Going beyond profitability predictions and even sales estimation, we designed the tool to take into account a variety of critical factors including supply, restrictions, product history graphs, level of competition within a market etc, to ultimately guide sellers in the right direction of investment.  

Just as we have mastered the business, you too can become an Amazon Sellerwiz with our tool, specially designed for your success.