Frequently Asked Questions

What browsers are compatible with Sellerwiz?

The Sellerwiz FBA calculator chrome extension is only compatible with Google Chrome.

Can I grant an employee or virtual assistant access to my Sellerwiz account?

Yes, you can! At no extra cost. One account gives you access to assigning roles to different users. Simply go to settings > select user and roles.

How can my employee or virtual assistant use Sellerwiz to evaluate our eligibility to sell a product?

You would have to grant them access to your Seller Central account. To grant permission, from your Seller Central account go to Settings > User Permission.

I signed up with Sellerwiz, but when I tried to log in, it said that my email address was invalid. What am I supposed to do?

You must first verify that your email address is correct. If that’s the case, your sellerwiz registration is likely incomplete. Please re-register and make sure you finish the account verification process, which includes retrieving and entering the code delivered to your inbox or spam folder.

Does Sellerwiz help me find deals?

No, Sellerwiz is not a sourcing tool. Sellerwiz is most appropriately described as an all-in-one Amazon FBA deal analyzer. It allows you to analyze your deals in seconds with only one click. Time is saved, money is made, and bad purchases are avoided.

How simple is it to set up and utilize Sellerwiz?

Sellerwiz Amazon seller software was created with users at different levels of tech-savviness in mind. It is an intuitive tool and very easy to navigate.

Is there a free trial available?

Yes, free trials are available across all tiers of subscription. With sellerwiz free trial, you can experience our amazon seller software first-hand and access its functionalities. Our FBA calculator free extension is also a handy free tool available to all users. 

My sellerwiz package has to be updated. What should I do?

To upgrade or downgrade to a new package, simply go to settings > click My Account icon> select Customer Portal then click Update Plan. 

Is it possible to cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. You are also free to cancel your subscription before your trial period ends. That way, you will not be charged any fees.