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Assessing the sales potential for Amazon product variations

Assessing the sales potential for Amazon product variations

The Issue

Traditional method for assessing the sales potential for Amazon product variations does not work for variants because Amazon only provides the Best Sellers Rank for all variations combined.

Colors, sizes, and styles are just a few examples of product variations available for purchase. For example, this pair of sandals is available in eight sizes and six colors, for a total of 48 variations.

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In this case, the BSR for all of the sandal variations is 72,293, which, with experience or the use of software tools, you will learn is a good BSR for the Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry category. However, the BSR alone does not tell us which color or size variant accounts for most or least sales.

Products Details Section

If you use the Sellerwiz Amazon FBA Calculator & Deal Analyzer Chrome extension, the demand section will instantaneously display a score, in this example, “Excellent,” and a brief explanation, “Sales are very high.” If you want to see more details, you can expand the section and see information on absolute and relative BSR as well as sales estimates for the current period, past 30, and 90 days.

In this case, this sandal sells about 248 pairs per month and its sales are among the top 0.06% of products in the category. However, even though the above information is a step in the right direction, it is not enough to determine variant sales.


The Solution

Thankfully, the Sellerwiz Chrome extension automatically sums up the reviews for all of the variants, in this case, 289, and displays them for you, indicating which are the top sellers and which ones you should avoid.
Variation Analysis

 In this case, the majority of the reviews are focused on sizes 8 women/6 men and, the color marine blue, indicating that these are the most popular. Conversely, the sizes 9-10, 11-12 and the color black are the least popular. With all the information provided by the extension, you can safely make the “best” buying decision for your business.


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