2023 Ultimate Guide to FBA Amazon Calculator

2023 Ultimate Guide to FBA Amazon Calculator

Amazon FBA calculator is one of the most important tools you’ll need to stay ahead of competition

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service has got a lot of sellers in the eCommerce business on a roll in recent years. Both new and existing sellers on the Amazon marketplace and other channels definitely find it worth its weight in gold.

Unfortunately, while some sellers out there pull in quite a fortune in revenue and profits, others struggle to break even. If you’re like me (a couple of years ago), you would agree that it is quite frustrating investing a ton of time into your business, probably making a ton of sales, and end up having only done one thing: “circulated money”. 

If you’re wondering how top sellers do it or simply just how to become a successful Amazon FBA seller, much of the secret lies in “understanding product research and analysis”. However, finding the right products and analyzing the same does not happen overnight. You will need to apply the right tools to get the desired results – FBA calculator for Amazon is one of such tools. 

In this guide, we will be exploring all you need to know about Amazon FBA calculator including how to calculate Amazon FBA profit. We would also look at some alternative deal analyzer tools that also come in quite handy when making business decisions. If you’re new to the game, you’re in good hands! This guide to the Amazon FBA profit calculator also covers the basics. 

Let’s get right into it!


Amazon FBA calculator, otherwise known as Amazon revenue calculator, is a key product research tool provided by Amazon. It is by far one of the best tools every Amazon seller should have in their arsenal. 

Amazon FBA calculator is used by Amazon sellers to get valuable insights into potential profit margins associated with the products/ items they intend to sell on the marketplace. This calculator is a helpful tool that sellers can use to determine product revenue estimates, fulfillment expenditure or estimated costs they would most likely incur in selling their product with FBA service.  

At the end of the day, as a seller, you are well equipped with information that guides you when making critical business decisions. Whether you are researching potential products to sell on Amazon, looking to explore the FBA from an FBM model or just learning about margin potential before getting into unfamiliar waters, understanding the use of FBA calculators will come in handy.

FBA Calculator for Amazon - Old vs New

If you are looking for Amazon FBA calculators, the first place you should probably look is Amazon. While there are so many options today, the official FBA revenue calculator by Amazon still remains one of the best Amazon FBA profit calculators out there. It simplifies profit calculation for sellers by automatically retrieving Amazon fees.

But in about one month, the old Amazon FBA calculator as seen above will become obsolete and will no longer be available for use by sellers. A new version is currently available and it’s being test run.

To access the new revenue calculator, you need an Amazon seller central account – whether it’s an individual or professional seller account. There’s no guest option available. 

If you’re looking to take control of your Amazon accounting, the new Amazon FBA calculator offers more features than the old which translates into better insights and sharper predictions.

What are the benefits of using the FBA Revenue Calculator?

When it comes to FBA, a lot of factors are taken into account in calculating Amazon FBA fees. There are a few recurring Amazon fees, and there are other fees that may apply depending on your products and model of business. 

Overall, understanding the use of Amazon profit calculator to determine how these fees impact profitability could mean the difference between struggling and striking gold in the business. With a Revenue calculator, sellers can check which fees apply to each fulfillment option to evaluate what works best for them. 

The benefits of Amazon FBA calculator includes: 

Product Research 

It is not a smart idea to sell a product that has no profit after costs. Product research is essential for this reason. Amazon sellers may assess potential profitability for particular products and make wise investment decisions with the FBA calculator for Amazon.

Calculate Amazon Fees 

Running a profitable business with Amazon FBA service demands a clear understanding of associated Amazon fees. Sadly, transaction fees in this case are not as straightforward as you would expect. There are many fees associated with FBA service which may become too complicated for sellers to understand or predict on their own, depending on the business model. The FBA calculator by amazon can help simplify these fees and will show you how much Amazon will charge for each item you fulfill by FBA. 

Gauge Profitability 

Having accounted for FBA fees, you can now clearly gauge and analyze your margin impact. Stats on potential profit and net margin from your analysis will further inform your decision. 

Who Should Use the FBA Revenue Calculator?

Short answer – Every seller. It is not enough that you have your seller central account and have identified a few products that you’re ready to launch. It is important that you figure out how much you should expect to make with FBA to avoid throwing money down the drain. Whether you are in the private label or online retail arbitrage, you will need the Amazon FBA calculator to make guided decisions.

How to Use Amazon FBA calculator

Now that the need for the FBA Amazon calculator has been established, we will get on with how the tool works in practice and how you can effectively put it to use. 

The Amazon FBA calculator is quite easy to use.  guided steps on how to use Amazon FBA calculator:

Step 1 

First thing you would need to do is go to the official Amazon Revenue calculator website. Next is to copy the product name or the ASIN, URL, ISBN or UPC of the product. 




If you’re yet to carry out your product research, you can simply go to the Amazon website and enter your main keyword to see top selling products in your category. On the other hand, if you have a novel product, simply find a product listing in the same Amazon category as the one you wish to sell. A good practice is to search out a product that is similar in dimensions and weight as your product. 

Scroll down to the bottom of the product page. There you will find the product ASIN number in the product description section. Copy and paste the product ASIN number in the search bar provided in the Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue calculator and click search.

The product should now be on display in the FBA calculator. 

Step 2 

Since you opted for the Fulfillment by Amazon service, you will need to input your values in the Amazon fulfillment column (the left column)

If you are using the FBM service, that is the Fulfillment by Merchant service, then you will need to fill in the values in the “Your Fulfillment” column to the right. 

In this FBA guide, we are focused on Fulfillment by Amazon. Therefore, at minimum to get profitability, the only field you need to fill is the “Cost of goods sold” field. All other factors are prefilled by the calculator but you must double check and modify as needed.

EXPERT TIP: For the cost of a product, you would have to factor in expenses such as packaging materials, overseas shipping (for example, if your manufacturer is in China) and even customs/import duty fee. 

Step 3 

As you enter data on the calculator it analyzes the data supplied. Net profitability, Selling on Amazon and FBA fees rows are automatically filled by Amazon. Under Net profitability row, you’d find the main highlight of the result which is the estimated net profit and net margin. A bar graph also showing the stats of your revenue, cost, seller proceeds, and net profit should also appear to the right of the calculator.

These stats reveal if your product is profitable and worth purchasing. 

Is the Amazon FBA Calculator Just Enough?

Amz FBA calculator may be good enough, but is it JUST ENOUGH on its own? Does it actually cover the entire scope of research necessary to endorse a product? If you are looking at doing a well-rounded product analysis Amazon FBA calculator doesn’t quite cut it. 

Although the free calculator by Amazon offers specific benefits to sellers by simplifying Amazon FBA fees and determining potential margins, it does leave so much to be desired. There are some key analyses that are impossible with the tool. For example, it typically doesn’t consider complex taxes and fees associated with your business type. 

Additionally, besides the fact that using the FBA calculator for amazon can be time consuming (measuring up against third-party counterparts that offer seamless analysis with just one push of a button), it does not offer the flexibility of saving or exporting data. Your analysis is lost the second you leave the page.   

To run a successful FBA business, having a tool that can go beyond evaluating profitability potential is necessary. 

Consider third-party deal analyzers

It is advisable that Amazon sellers consider complementing the free Amazon FBA revenue calculator with third-party options. There are quite a good number of Amazon seller software that sellers can take advantage of. From advanced amazon FBA sales calculators to wholesale deal analyzers. 

Sellerapp and Jungle Scout are excellent examples, although they are paid tools. As a matter of fact, once you sign up with them, you get access to their free Amazon FBA calculator extension. 

Sellerwiz Amazon seller software like most paid tools offer robust insights into Competitor analysis, Restrictions – whether a seller is authorized to sell the product and if they are at risk of IP infringement claims,  sales estimates, product historic and trend graphs, to name a few.

To take advantage of Sellerwiz Software free trial: 

  • Sign up to any of the subscription tiers 
  • Start your free trial 

With an advanced tool like this, you have access to an FBA calculator, product research, competitor and ranking tool, all in one place. Want to know if a product is in demand? Sellerwiz sales estimator seamlessly and accurately provides relevant information to make for faster and smarter decisions. 

In Summary

The importance of Amazon seller tools like FBA calculators can never be watered down. As a matter of fact, when it comes to success on Amazon, it is very key for pre-sale estimates and product research. 

However, to skyrocket your business, you will need more than just a calculator. All-in-one calculator tools offer more in-depth analysis by pulling together critical factors that impact sales and profitability. 

With a click of a button, these intelligent tools can simplify analysis and bring clarity to decision making 

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