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Learn how to analyze online arbitrage deals

Learn how to analyze online arbitrage deals

Amazon FBA sellers must learn how to analyze online arbitrage deals to be profitable with the business model.

To establish if a deal is a Go or No Go, four questions must be answered:

  1. Is this online arbitrage deal profitable?

  2. Are there any restrictions to sell this lead on Amazon?

  3. Is there enough demand for this product?

  4. Is the supply favorable to this online arbitrage deal?

Fortunately, the Sellerwiz Amazon FBA Calculator and Deal Analyzer extension was created to address these issues and makes learning how to analyze arbitrage deals simple and quick, even for beginners.

The example below shows how simple it is to examine an online arbitrage deal.

The first step after loading the extension was to enter the purchase price as well as any additional discounts or charges you expect to spend on this deal. In this situation, the product was on sale for $24.99 on DSG, and I had a 5% discount coupon. I used 13 percent off gift cards to pay, but I had to go to a nearby store because they’re only usable in-store! I also used the advanced FBA profit calculator to insert my inbound shipping and preparation charges.